Black Friday/Midnight Madness Outlet Shopping

  1. Wow, not too disappointing.. Thanks for posting!! Are you going to brave the crowds? :supacool:
  2. Guys, in case anyone was looking, the Tod's at Desert Hills is already having their Thanksgiving discount (additional 30%).

    Got a bag at $520 down from $1100. Lots of styles and colors there.
  3. do we know who is anyone the atlantic city outlets are under?
  4. I have a little baby at home so I won't be doing much after Thanksgiving shopping. Thank goodness for tPF and the internet. I've been getting some good deals the last few months and finished a lot of my shopping already. I'll just take pleasure in reading about everyone else's awesome Black Friday deals. :yes:
  5. Not all the stores and sales are posted for the woodbury commons. Fendi is opening @ midnight and their sale is 10% off handbags, small leather goods and watches. 15% off shoes clothes and sunglasses.
  6. 25% off at Saks Off Fifth is pretty good too.
  7. I checked out the Desert Hills sale. And they don't have anything for Coach.
  8. don't think that braving woodbury commons is a good idea for me, on limited shopping time and having to get back for the kids/mom babysitting (so she could go shopping too) but i might try jersey gardens ...anyone else going there....
  9. Hello, does anyone know about Desert Hills? I don't want to drive an hour for nothing.
  10. What about Desert Hills? I'm going tonight! Can't Wait!!! :nuts:
  11. I'm going too!! I'm sooo excited!
  12. I might go too!!!
  13. Is Coach opening at midnight?? That's the only reason I want to go.
  14. Yes, Coach is open at midnight.
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