Black Friday deals?

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  1. I was just curious if anyone went to the outlet on Black Friday last year and if it was worth it? I'm considering going this year. Thanks =)
  2. I went two years ago. It was a long wait in the cold, and I found more later in the month and after Christmas. It was only an extra 20% off coupon, nothing special. I didn't think it was worth it.
  3. oh geez, thats disappointing!
  4. When I can make it, I do my best. Last year I was too sick/cold and sidetracked to make it to Houston's, but I did Lburg 2 yrs ago and will probably do them again this year.

    This years goal is to be AHEAD of the people that hold spots for 30+ other friends and family :smile: I bet I'll be eating leftovers in a yard chair and a hot coffee in front of the store...

  5. where would that be in this year?
  6. Yeah, no kidding. Love to watch the line grow in front of me!

    Bunny, did you think it was worth it? When I went, they didn't seem to have any more than usual, and the discount wasn't any better. Maybe I should try a larger outlet?
  7. I have been wanting to go but so far the feedback I've heard is the deals are not super fantastic and the lines start like right after Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. Part of me would love to go and just do it...but none of my real life friends are Coachies (though my hubby comes with me a lot...but then what do we do with our son?) and it has sounded like in years past that the sale isn't any better than normal sales. One of these years I might do it though.
  9. it's like going now to the outlet, but with 99999x the line-up to get in, 9999999x the line-up to pay :biggrin:

  10. If I recall....they were setting up for this the Wednesday evening prior...and some folks got the deals then. I am going to try that this year. From what I remember it wasn't anything different in price than the usual coupon....but they had some special bags...didn't they come out with the MFF heritage stripes then? Or have Brookes or some big batch of FP deletes. I remember after hearing stories from those who went, thinking I was glad I did not spend the time.
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    Prime Outlets Pleasant Prairie used to do a Midnight Madness Pajama Party for BF and open the stores at midnight, but PP is now Premium so I don't know if they will keep that tradition. Last year DH and I joked about going just to gawk (I wasn't a full-fledged Coachie back then) but we didn't think seriously about it until after 10pm on Thanskgiving. I later read in a news article that people start lining up for that thing at 2pm. If I'm going to wait around like that in a northern winter's night, they'd better be handing out free Legacy plus wads of cold, hard cash. I don't like crowds nor waiting so I probably won't wrestle with either this year.

    (BTW there was an opportunity to get cold, hard cash in the Midnight Madness contest, but not enough opportunities for my satisfaction!)


    There is a Radisson Hotel at the PP outlet mall. *IF* we decided to do the Midnight Madness thing, we might try to stay at the hotel if it isn't booked solid!
  12. I went last year. Stood in line, froze to death, and it was not worth it at all. I found better stuff later on.
  13. from everything I have heard, Black Friday at the outlets, Coach and otherwise, isn't really worth it...people seem to go just for the experience more than the sales, which usually aren't anything special with Coach.
    I know some people who did the whole midnight madness thing that a lot of the outlets have and they said it definitely wasn't worth it. a few never even really made it because they were stuck in traffic and unless you got there ridiculously early, forget it.
  14. Was a major waste of my time. Went last year. I remember their being zero deletes and nothing but MFF with a coupon.
  15. It's chaos at ours. That's if you can even *GET* to the outlet. It's about a 1/2 mile off the freeway and the traffic backs up onto the freeway itself. Last year someone tried to turn around on the freeway by cutting through the median and it caused a huge accident, pretty sure they killed themselves or the person in the other car. I'd rather pay full price.