Black Friday Deals at Premium Outlets

  1. Here are the deals at some of the Premium Outlets beginning at Midnight on Black Friday:

    Desert Hills (Palm Springs):
    Woodbury Common:

    There are TONS more listings; I just wasnt sure where most of you shop. Go to to sign up or log on to see the sales and events going on at the outlets nearest you. :smile:
  2. Thanks for posting this, I totally forgot about our outlet mall having Black Friday sales!
  3. thank you for posting
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  6. Thanks! I'll definitely have to remember to check out the one in Orlando!
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  8. sweeeetttttt!!!!

    thanks for posting!! :smile:
  9. Wonderful of you to share! Thank you!
  10. Thanks so much for the post!
  11. anyone went last year? i it like a madhouse?
  12. can't wait to go there
  13. Your a sweet-:heart:, thanks for posting!!!
  14. Great idea! Time for holiday shopping!
  15. Damn. I just looked at the sales going on for my local outlet, and it's crap.

    Nothing really that spectacular seems to be going on with sales. Bummer.