Black Friday Camping Advice?!

  1. So, last year for Black Friday it was our first time out camping in front of the stores. We were at Best Buy at about 10:00 pm and def. not the first in line. The lady in the very front was out since 2pm and she said people started to trickle in at 5pm. We were VERY unprepared!! Slept on the cold San Francisco concrete! No blankets! I left line really fast to drive to Walgreens and buy some cheap gloves and some beanies. Needless to say, I got super sick. I had work later that morning, and was throwing up in the back like crazy with the worlds most throbbing headache.

    So this year I want to make it as pleasant as possible. (Fiance is on the fence of going because of all the drama that went on last year. Aside from being cold, getting sick, and feeling tired, people were actually snatching things out of his hands and running!!) I've decided to bring sleeping bags, and tons of warm clothes. I'll just put it away before the store opens while everyone else waits in line. Anyone have any other advice on what to bring to keep warm and entertained?? TIA for all your advice!!:tup:
  2. well, since this is my third black friday working at best buy, i've seen all kinds of people camping out, and not just for thanksgiving (i've been here for the launches of the xbox360, ps3, and wii. people camped out for the ps3 for 4 days), and there are all kinds of different things people do. if you or any of your friends have access to camping equipment, bring a quick-pitch tent and generator. bring a laptop and a backup battery to watch movies. wear pantyhose under your pants - THAT is a great tip. they're great insulators. bring some kind of cushions or pillows to sit on and lean against - sidewalks are hard! lawnchairs are great, too, i really recommend that. much better than sitting on the ground. then, before all the people get let in, you can just throw that stuff back in your car.
  3. Amanda has some great ideas.

    Can I ask what you are camping for? I haven't seen any bowl me over deals yet. I hate to admit it, but I'm beginning to like black Friday way more than Thanksgiving!
  4. I don't get the camping out thing either????? I mean is there something so desperate a person needs that they have to camp out? I do feel the holidays are so is about who has the it toy, ect....who has the most expensive thing. I see some of my friends running around for weeks searching for toys for their kids and I think the toys will be put in the basement in a few months when they see something new they want. I am happy to have done most of my shopping online.....
  5. There are certain things I understand it for, and certain things I don't. I understand doing it if your kid needs a computer for school and you're really strapped for cash and camping out can save you a few hundred bucks. I can also understand it if you're thinking about putting a lot of money into something like a home theater system - if you're shrewd, do your research, and plan well, then you can save well over a thousand dollars by camping. What I DON'T understand, however, is the people I see come through the line every year with 3 or 4 dvds in their hands, and that's it. Sure, you might save $10/dvd, but that's totally NOT worth it. I also wouldn't go clothes shopping on black friday. 50% off a few sweaters is no worth it either. But if it's something you were going to buy anyway and you can save between a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars, it becomes more feasible, imo.
  6. hey amanda...considering you work at best will save me a lot of running around by answering my question. My bf wants a do the discounts look on the mp3 players during black friday? That's really the only thing i would go for to buy at best buy. TIA!
  7. Good luck to all those who are going to camp out! Even though I look forward to Black Friday, I don't think I could do the camping thing.... Have fun though!
  8. I stay far away from the mall this weekend. It's not worth the hassl.
  9. Ditto what LULILU says..LOL.....OMG..I despise lines!!
  10. Ugh I would stay away from the mall if I didn't work there. Have to be there at 6am.
    It's ridiculous, thinking about people shopping that early annoys me..
  11. No stores for me this weekend, will shop only if I can place orders with SA's on the phone......hate lines!!!!:heart:H
  12. i'm not 100% positive about this, but in general, signature products from brands like apple and microsoft (ipods, xbox 360s, etc) will not be discounted at ANY manufacturer because of contractual issues - in order for a store to carry the product, the store has to sign a contract with the manufacturer to sell the product at the price that they dictate. there are not even employee discounts on these products. I believe the Zunes, especially since the new ones just debuted, are one of these sorts of products. You can check our ad online, but i doubt any retailer will be able to discount them. less popular mp3 players (most of the small capacity ones) will be discounted, but i doubt the zune will be, and i know ipods will NOT be. this goes for all retailers.
  13. OMG, do people actually camp?? I had no idea.

    I never go shopping on black Friday. I went to Macys two years ago to get ornaments for my Christmas Tree since the ones I wanted were very expensive, everything was 50% off, honestly it wasnt worth it, the mall was packed and uggg, they push you and I just hate crows, I left because I started feeling dizzy and sick, everyone is like going crazy. Every store at the mall was so packed.

    We went to the outlets today, it was super slow, I got two pairs of SFAMK for DH @ Saks this morning for only 119 each plus 25% off total purchase and they gave me a 30% off card to use later next week. Pretty good IMO. The outlets are gonna open at midnight :nuts:. I bet Coach and Saks are gonna be :boxing:
  14. well last year fiance and i camped out for things like digital cameras for family, laptops, other electronic stuff, and my friend joined got a huge big screen. (she saved over $1100 on that tv!) total i saved about $2300.

    it kinda just became a fun thing we wanted to keep doing. this year were not buying a whole lotta electronics so were thinking of just going to walmart instead of best buy. were getting people navigations for their car, a few more digital cameras, and a lot of gift baskets/sets. (i heard those are a steal!) its not as much of trying to save a lotta money like last year, but just being crazy with friends. HAHA. crazy i know.. fiance isnt looking forward to it because the crazy lines and the incounters with rude people, but waiting with friends was really fun last year. met a lot of new people that camped near us.
  15. you're not crazy, a lot of people do it as a tradition. it's like a sport. i LOVE my black friday shift because i love the chaos, it's different than any other day of the year. just a personality thing :smile: