Black Friday at Coach Factory Stores (Question)

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Jan 13, 2007
Let me preface that I've never been into Black Friday. While everyone is out shopping I am home sleeping BUT I've just recently been turned on to coach. I hear that the factory stores are having a black friday sell but the sale is not specified anywhere so I don't know if this sale will be any better than going on any ole' regular day. For instance, I've been to the factory stores twice and the bags are usually marked at least 50% off of MSRP and on top of that they hand out the 20% coupons out like candy. So walking in the door you automatically save 50% then if you have a coupon which is highly likely you save an additional 20%. I'm not sure Black Friday will get any better than this. In addition, the fact that coach is not advertising the terms of the sale makes me think that I am right.

Thoughts? Has anyone been to the Coach factory store on Black Friday? I'll be going to the one in Commerce, GA or N. Charleston, SC if I decide to go.


Nov 12, 2009
From what I have heard from people in the past it is just the same as any other ol 50 plus 20 or 30 plus 20 etc. I would lose sleep over it really.
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