Black Friday? Anybody Actually Going to WAIT In Line?

  1. Is anybody going to wait in line? My brother always stays up at 4am to get in line to buy early Christmas gifts for cheap. I prefer to sleep and not stand in the cold.

    I looked at's Black Friday Deals, but nothing seems to really strike me... most of it is technology. Is anybody buying anything? :heart:
  2. I know the Coach outlet in Gilroy is opening at midnight! I think I might go and grab some stuff and look around.
  3. Normally, I do not shop on Black Friday. Although, this year, my daughter may be here and I will if she's here.
  4. no.....
    most of things that they have on sale on black friday is crap. like one of those $10 dvd player :yucky:.
    i tried to go to best buy one year because i wanted a laptop. got there a little bit before 7 am. of course the ones that are on sale, once again, crap. the one that i wanted still costed $2000 with $100 rebate. and the rebate was not even related to black friday. so i could have gone there anytime, and still got the rebate. the biggest waste of time.
  5. Nah, too many crowds. Last year I went to the mall on Black Friday and could barely move and I found myself miserable. I think it could be fun if you went with someone. Most people just go for the cheap door buster deals.
  6. I'm lining up at midnight at Best Buy for the TV i've been saving up for! :wlae:
  7. my sis and i always go to circuit city, best buy, and target. they mark down lots of stuff super cheap... most of the time, the good stuff is gone because there's always people camping out hours before they even open. some of those people got tickets to reserve the stuff they wanted to buy. i don't know what they'll be doing this year though.

    last year, we got to best buy just after 4 am and the lots were full. it's fun, even though i hate the crowds. we bought a bunch of tv dvd sets for $14.99 and movies for $5 or less.

    i don't care for going to the mall... the deals aren't always that great anyway.
  8. I'm getting myself an LCD TV this year... :biggrin:
  9. I get to stay home this year!! I worked at Circuit City for 8 years and always said I would never go out if I didn't have to work, because it's hell!! And they run the same promo's through x-mas anyway.
  10. I think I'm in for an LCD TV this year as well!
  11. I always did this with my mom. UNfortunately now that she's passed it is going to be too hard to do this year. BUt I can't wait until I have daughters to share thsi rather insane and assinine tradition with.
  12. I am. Don't know where we are going this year. But we are going, it's so much fun.
  13. i did the 5am thing one year for the experience. that was enough. shopping was not meant to be a contact sport. :smile: my MIL swears by it, but i figure my bodily safety and sleep are worth the couple of dollars i'd save.
  14. Yep! I'm one of the early early shoppers standing in line no matter what the weather! :nuts:

    However, in my dinky little area, the stores I get to go to are Staples, Walmart and Ace Hardware. :rolleyes: I only go early to pick up stuff hubby wants and then I head up to the lakes area to shop all day in all the cute little stores! They have great sales all day long and then they close for the winter.
  15. Hiya. Pardon my ignorance (please forgive me, I'm Canadian!), what is Black Friday and when is it? Despite having travelled extensively in the U.S and have many friends 'down there', i've never heard this term. Any info greatly appreciated as my curiosity and obsession with discounts has been piqued.