Black Friday 2012

  1. What stores do you usually go to on Black Friday? Any you shop online at?

    I shopped the Ulta sale last year and got some great deals[$20 for two benefit blushes]. So if anything catches my eye this year I'll buy stuff.

    I heard this year VS is doing $10 yoga pants so I want to buy a pair or two and also I heard Macys is doing 40% off the whole store. If I can partake in those deals online I'll totally be doing them.

    If you find any deals post them here!
  2. For the guys, I always go to Banana Republic outlet to shop for Xmas presents. They usually have $10-$15 Men's shirts. :biggrin: Definitely a great stocking stuffer if you want to give the boys some new clothes.
  3. Wow! Vs has good deals this year then! I will be checking that out.
  4. Body shop always have any 3 items for $30. If u shop, make sure to get the expensive stuff hahah.
  5. will be having a Black Friday sale 11/23. $10 Each for limited edition products (last year's offerings were great if you ask me). I heard that there is there is a preview of the black friday products starting 11/16 on Sephora's Facebook page for people who "liked" their page.
  6. Those sound amazing.

    Ulta also does amazing black friday sales. Last year I paid $20 for two benefit blushes. They also had really nice bareminerals kit too. But I didn't get that.
  7. I'm going to hit up H&M again this year, last year they passed out gift cards to the first 300 people (worth at least $5). I missed out since I got there a little after midnight, sounds like people were waiting in line for this one. They also had some great deals, $5, $10, $15 items. I got a black sheath dress for $15 and a black blazer for $15 both were originally $35 I believe.
  8. Black Friday sales in store always scare me lol. There are so many people, lines are always insane, people get crazy and stores become messy. I never go in store for Black Friday and miss out on so many good deals :crybaby:
  9. I hate that most of the stores decided to open at midnight last year instead of 5-6. It was so much crazier. Planning to break the tradition this year and not shop on black Friday!

    Past experiences, electronics at staples and best buy are really good, but you have to know exactly what you want. Also try to find out their inventory.

    H&M has some great deals. Target for household items.

    The only thing I might go out for would be toys. Def worth it for Toys for Tots!
  10. Never find anything worth buying at the stores. Hoping for some good online deals :smile:
  11. I agree! The last time I was in the US at this time of year, I pulled an all nighter after our Thanksgiving celebrations, and went out shopping at 3am just to see what the craze was about, but it was so overrated!

    Do any of the major designer wear discount sites usually do any Black Friday deals? (I mean The Outnet, NAP, Bluefly, etc etc). I'm in Australia but have a US shipping address at my disposal :cool:, so I'm hoping for some great online deals too!
  12. Same, I'm hoping for some good online deals.
  13. Body shop does have a good sale...

    Black Friday is not my favorite day to shop for sure...
  14. Beware of Victoria's Secrets special deals. They have stuff specially made for Black Friday and it's very cheap. So the $10 yoga pants will not be the pants they currently have in stores.

    I've been doing Black Friday since I was a kid back in the 80s and early 90s before it was a big deal, so it's kind of a tradition. I usually buy stuff for me and I just like being out in the hustle and bustle!
  15. That is so true, but remember the stuff that is sold at most outlets is not the quality that they sell in the stores. I was told the Kate Spade bag I bought online, was a better quality bag than the ones I bought at the outlet. This from the manager of a regular store. So buyer beware!