BLACK FRIDAY 2011 at the coach outlet

  1. yes i am already thinking about it, thank you for asking.

    last year i got stuck in a traffic jam and was overwhelmed by the mass of people at the entire outlet mall ( we did the midnight thing at concord mills nc).

    this year we're planning to do it again though. a midnight shopping trip on black friday to charleston sc outlet.

    i didn't think last year was too much worth my trouble. i really wouldn't want to be searching for something specific this day. but just for something fun to do and maybe even find a few treasures and Christmas gifts we are going to be taking a nap after dinner only to get back up and into the car Thanksgiving night.

    so who is going to be brave and join me, and what outlet will you head to? anything you hope to find? and yes 50%+30% off fp deletes would be great!
  2. I don't know if I will go or not. If I can get my SIL to go maybe I'd go to Aurora Farms. what kind of special thing do they usually do for Black Friday at Coach and Coach outlets? I wasn't into Coach last Thanksgiving. I think I'd go if I thought it would be worth it.

    Have fun in Charleston! It is my most favoritest city ever!
  3. last year i was totally newb, so i went expecting to have bags given away :roflmfao:. the sale was the same as it's usually been with a smattering of fp deletes in 50% with a 20% coupon.

    with lately so many of the fp deletes only going to 30%, i'd hope this year there will be a lot of 50%.

    i saw in the 'which deletes are coming to the outlet' thread that all the kristin sages that were deleted were sent back to jax. i would guess that black friday would be good time to churn those out, but it's just a hunch.
  4. I don't have the means to go to my local outlet, which is like 2 hours away, by myself. But it has always been a tradition for like 3+ years now for my family and our friend's family to go to the Hagerstown Outlets. :smile: We don't go at midnight, but we go during black friday. I always, always spend such a long time at the Coach Outlet there. :love: I hope we continue that tradition this year! I'm definitely buying purses and gifts!!
  5. I didn't make it last year but so long as it isn't snowing this year I'll do it. I hate driving up the canyon in the dark in the middle of a blizzard!
  6. Hi,
    I went a couple of years ago to my outlet. I left my house about 1:30 am for an hour drive. (Actually made it in like 40 minutes! Few cars on the road. ) LOL I was thinking not a bad drive so the outlet shouldn't be too crazy!! I found a great parking spot considering all the cars. I waited in line (outside) at Coach for an hour and got in to find a wallet that I later returned. It was kind of a disappointment with all the hype of Black Friday. I have had better luck going during the week before a weekend holiday!
    I hope you find lots of great bags and other goodies at your outlet!! Have fun!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. I went last year, too. The parking was so horrific, and the deals were subpar for me since a lot of the stuff in the store wasn't to my liking. Plus it was pretty cold. So I don't know if I'll be at the outlets this year.
  8. I don't think Coach Factory stores have ever offered Black Friday deals that were superior to their everyday deals.
  9. Aww Nursie...if you were going to CM, I might have been able to talk my hubby into taking me and getting to meet you! :drinkup:

    But CM sucks, and we all know that. LOL! Totally understandable that you wouldn't go there.
  10. The Michigan coach factory stores have usually offered an extra 10% on top of the 30% coupon if you get there before 10 am or 11 am (I can't remember which. I didn't go last year)

    There is always a line out the door to get in and it takes a long time to be wrung up and there is never anything that wonderful there that you couldn't get there on another less crazy day.

    I am not going to do that this year but am going to make my once a year trip to the outlet earlier in November instead.

  11. aww i'd love that! we need to meet up some other shopping trip.
    last year i was horrified at the mass of people there. i was just not mentally prepared for that. apparently i was the only person on earth unaware that all the outlets have been doing the midnight opening the past several years. we made great time driving...literally nobody on the highway until we are 2 miles from the exit and then: total standstill!
  12. I sure am glad that you posted this great info. I was planning on hitting up Concord mills on Black Friday since I'll be visiting the in-laws down that way. Now since I hear it sucks and there aren't any better sales then normal, I guess I'll just check out the ones around here in DC/VA/MD the week before instead.
  13. I was thinking about going last year but didn't. This year, I'll be going up to the Boston area so you'd THINK I could hit Wrentham but I'll have my son and my mother with me. If there were EVER a person who can't stand to wait in line, it's my mom. Heck, she practically leaves a play or ballet at intermission to "beat the crowd" getting out. Sigh.
  14. I've been planning my Black Friday shopping trip for months! :nuts: I'll be in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving weekend for my kid's soccer tournament, and I am definitely planning to hit up the Coach outlet on BF! :yes:

    I went last year to another outlet. The parking was a nightmare and I had to wait an hour to get into the store and probably another hour to pay. :wacko: I didn't find much that wasn't around the day before Thanksgiving, but did get a couple hard to find goodies. Discounts were no better than any other day...actually, I think I had to get some PAs the following week when a better coupon came out. But I just love to shop, and I think BF shopping is a lot of fun, so I'm looking forward to it, even if the deals are no better than normal. It will be my third year of Coach outlet BF shopping, so I guess you could say it's a tradition! :p
  15. I did outlet Christmas shopping this past Saturday, so I know exactly how you feel! I really went for myself initially, but when I didn't find anything for me, I figured why not spend the money anyway!:p I have never done a Black Friday outlet run, but I have always wanted to...maybe I will give it a shot!