Black Flat Boots - Opinions on these

  1. So I purchased the following boots this week:

    BUT, I really want these:

    Anyone have either of these? Thoughts on which are more timeless, classic. I don't want to buy expensive boots that go out of style next season and I have been searching for flat black boots for years. My calves are very small so I'm limited in options.

  2. I love the Sigerson Morrison ones. They have a much more attractive front (less chunky) and look great on. I've definitely seen a couple of people wearing them and they look SO GOOD!!
  3. I dont own any but I am dying to get some flat boots. You made a good choice, I mean they both are TDF. I really dont see a big difference. I'd love to see pics when you get them. They look so good with almost everything, from jeans to dresses. I'd love to see your new pair and hear how you liked them.
  4. I like the second ones better.
  5. i love the lanvins but i think the belles would fit my large calves better.

    pixy, please post pics!
  6. The Siegerson Morrison ones are really comfy and the leather is yummy. I say stick with those -- they're great shoes!
  7. Both are great! The first ones are less expensive, so hopefully those will work for you! Post pics when you get them@
  8. Not really a fan of flat boots but I prefer the Lanvin ones.
  9. I actually like the first ones better and have been debating a pair of them myself. I think they're classy
  10. I like the front on the first ones better. They both are quite similar though so I would just with the ones you bought.
  11. Ordered the Lanvin boots from Barneys...only way to really know. Will post pics on the ones that work out! I'm not sold on the Sigerson Morrison boots, they look cool, but are very slouchy, I feel that could go out of style soon...
  12. The first ones are so pic of you wearing them when you get both !