Black Flaps...

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  1. If anyone is interested.

    A very nice SA at Neimans Atlanta sent this to me. I am not interested but since she went out of her way to take these pics I hope she gets the sale

    PLEASE ask for Pia. No one else. She is so nice. Not many SA's will take pics and send it to you:idea:

    blackflap1.jpg blackflap2.jpg 3.jpg
  2. thanks for the pics and info.
  3. oh how I LOVE the diagonal CCs!
  4. Wow, the diagonal CC bag is really pretty. Do you know the price?

  5. Not sure but if you call and ask for Pia I'm sure you could help her. Tell her you saw it on the purseblog/purseforum:tup:
  6. thank's for the pics
  7. Gorgeous! Darn you 2007 ban, darn you!
  8. Hi, is the 2nd one a black leather reissue? I have been trying to get one for a long time, I am in Asia, does Pia send Chanel to Asia, do you have her email address? Million thanks.:smile:
  9. OMG, I love Pia! She's great!
  10. Its not the original reissue but it has the same lock. the chain and leather is different than the original.

    I have her email address but let me ask her if its ok to give it out.;) I don't know if US department stores would ship to Asia.

    Maybe someone else could answer that
  11. Thanks, I don't think I want it if it's not a reissue, but it will be great if you could ask her if it's ok for me to write to her, it'll be great if she can help me hunt down a reissue....thank you so much again.
  12. I just saw Pia today, she's the SWEETEST! LOVE her!
  13. YES! It's is gorgeous in person, I just saw it today and it's so cute, but a little small. I think they had a bigger one too, not sure.
  14. oh and I also saw a black patent bowler and flap (the luxe ligne I believe it's called). And a BLUE Chanel bag! It was long (probably 18 inches) and the straps were all chain, (thickish chain) not interwoven leather. SO cute!
  15. Oh Sina - I saw the same blue bag at Atlanta NM! I couldn't believe was the brightest turqouise blue and just POPPED.