Black First with Silver/Pewter Hardware

  1. I saw a black first today with silver/pewter hardware. It had a very tiny tear in the leather which could easily be glued without anyone noticing. I looked inside for the leather tag and the model and serial number are accurate. However, there is no silver tag. Is this a fake? The consignment store was asking $795 for it and I was tempted but thought I better do my homework!!!! Also can anyone describe what the 03 leather on this should feel like?
  2. Jayge- I saw maybe the same bag at a consignment store- I think it's fake!!! Did you look at the bales?
  3. I did but I'm not that skilled. They still had the black day but the price was down to $600. I was surprised to see that it was still there; the SA was rather haughty about it when I quizzed him and also implied that his black first might not be real!!!
  4. Ok Jayge- I didn't see the first at that store- so it is not the bag I think is fake. Maybe you should buy it if you can return it. You can take pictures and have the girls here tell you if it's authentic or not.
  5. I just bought a 2003 black first with silver hardware from a friend which definitely has the silver tag (see below). I would be wary about the one that you saw.
    IMG_0682_1.JPG.jpg IMG_0675_1.JPG IMG_0677_1.JPG
  6. actually, my 03 first had a leather tag. it was determined by mimz to be a s/s 03 bag bc it had that cool longer shoulder strap. more info here:

    jayge, is there any possible way you can take pictures of this bag at the consignment store? i would love to see it! :nuts:
    03 First tag.jpg
  7. ^^It looks like there are exceptions! That's so cool jennifer, I didn't know they came with the longer strap! ;) Mine is the fall/winter, so it is definitely different. I'd love to see pics too!
  8. congratulations avery!!! :smile:

    as for the bag with a leather tag, it could easily be s/s '03 (when there were no silver tags) -- or it could be fake, you can't really tell just by a tag.

    If it is authentic and from s/s '03 it will also have the longer strap :smile:
  9. avery, i didn't know you found an 03 first! congrats!!
  10. ...yeah, photos really are the only way to determine - there is no way someone can determine authenticity by a description alone, hopefully you can pick it up and photograph it and post here! I'm also eager to see it :smile:
  11. I'll try. The SA was a little snooty when I was examining the bag. I may go down tomorrow or Wednesday night. The store was asking $795 and the bag had a tiny tear on it that probably could be glued easily. Thanks!!!

    When you say longer; I just bought the new rouge first; so longer than the strap on that????
  12. Thanks ladies! It was a split decision but I fell in love with it and I figured it would be a really good bag to get until I find my fbf--and my sister loves bags with silver hardware and said she would buy it off me if I find "the one."
  13. yes, jayge, the s/s 03 firsts had longer shoulder straps than the current ones...mine measured at 29.5" (current straps are about 19")