Black first bbag! What year?

  1. I am a newbie to tPF & am on the road to bbag addiction! Have already made my first purchase-a city-and planning on a few more in the next month or so...anyway I am looking for a first in black....what year should I look for? I have heard the older bags have nicer leather??
  2. it depends on how much you want to spend... the early season classique's are quite pricey and are a rare find. you can occasionally come across a 2005 first for a good price and the leather is really great. but as many ladies will tell you the 2007 can give the 05 leather a bit of a run for it's money---and if you got it from aloha rag would be $995 shipped so that would make it a little cheaper. my advice is to go through the reference library on here and look at the different seasons and see which appeals to you most
  3. THANKS marie83!

    I have noticed on eBay the 02s and 03s are quite expensive; I will check out the library for myself!:smile:
  4. i believe f/w 07 would be better than s/s 07 and all 4 seasons of 06. i've read so much about 06 leather being dry and papery, not as soft and thick and smooshy, etc. as 05 and earlier years. so, if you have a choice and if you're ordering it blind, ask for f/w 07.