Black Fendi spy

  1. Hi there, I'm new and I've been lurking around the forum for a while, I'm also a lawyer with a purse fetish so I think there's enough of us to start a support group!:lol:

    I wear blacks and browns w/coloured accents like sweaters, jewelry or purses. And I just bought a Fendi Spy in black, exactly because I thought that I could wear it to work in that colour, and other colours would definitely be too "boho" for the office. With structured bags it's the other way around, I get a little more adventurous with colours.

    I guess it depends on the work environment, in Europe we in the legal profession are a little bit more relaxed. At least that's what I think, I know someone in a consulting firm and they actually have a dress code: dark suit, dark tie, light shirt. :sick: I think I'd die if I had to dress like that every day.

    The Spy is a lovely bag if a little big (I'm 1,55 m which is about 5'1 I guess), and I never put too much stuff in it or it will look like a duffel bag...:p I never had trouble with things "falling out", but then I never let my purses out of my sight!
  2. I used to work in highly professional, suits only office. What I found is that b/c my attire was so conservative/structured, the one thing that I could do to change up the look was to carry a "different" not so structured bag. IMO the Spy still looks professional, especially in black.

  3. Well, I am a lawyer and I use mine...but I have to say that I work in the NEw York criminal court system, and you can get away with a lot in the criminal courts ! Plus, I'm a public defender and my office is pretty liberal with what you can get away with.

    I think you could pull it off with a suit, but my style is more funky than conservative. I wear my Balenciaga motorcycle with a Theory suit to court as well...Anyway, of any of the colors, the black seems the most conservative to me...JMO...
  5. Wow, so much GREAT responses!! :nuts: Thank you to everyone who responded, especially the ones who work in the legal field. I'm glad to know that some of you actually wear the black spy to work because I was afraid of getting slammed or given the eyebrow-raising if I show up with one at work. Ya, the black is a more safer conservative color even though I also like the choco and cognac too. I just wanted to make sure I can maximize the $2K price if I do decide to get one. I mean if it's just a cheap bag then I don't mind not using it that often.

    Fendibaglady: It's interesting that you use your B-bag for work because I was also thinking of buying a black medium/city where I can stuff files in. What size and color do you usually use for court? A lawyer toting a B-bag... you must be one hell of a cool PD!! ;) Orange County is kind of conservative so hopefully I can pull that off too but then I'm usually known as the weird employee that wears the strangest clothing too. :lol:

    tuxa and edsbgrl: Ya, I agree that dress codes can be boring but using a less structured bag or a brighter color is a GREAT idea! I never though of it that way until you guys mentioned it. I always thought you should use a structure bag because that's like the norm. Thank god we can break that norm. That will definitely spice up our work life. :amuse:

    Sweetea: Thank you for your nice response. You pretty much sum up all my worries!! :nuts: And I thought I was the only weirdo out there that doesn't like the opening of the spy and hopefully I might grow into it as well.