Black Fendi spy

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  1. For some reason, that jet black Fendi spy on for preordering is really calling out to me and I'm actually losing sleep over it now. I seen a few photos of celebs with the black spy and I really love it, but I'm not sure whether I can pull it off. I did try on a choco spy last year and like the way it looks on me but I still have some reservations about it.

    I know the spy will not be delivered until April so that gives me some time to pool in my cash reserves but for $2K I REALLY need to think of the pros and cons of owning this bag. The thing is that I was planning on buying the LV Damier Alma in March but if I get the spy then I have to forgo the alma then. I'm looking for a bag that's more for work (since I'm planning to become a workoholic anyway lol) than for casual hanging out. So do you think the spy is fit for the working environment or is it too casual? Also, I never own a really big hobo like the spy size so I'm afraid that the spy might be too big for me but I'm just really drawn to it right now. I'm also worrying about the opening of the spy, how it doesn't have any closure to it except for that secret compartment thing hanging over the bag in order to close the bag. :blink: Does it bother any spy-owners out there at all? I mean will your personal belongings be safe in your spy w/o being worried that someone might just stick their hands inside your spy while you're not looking?

    So this is my dilemna right now. Should I place the preorder and just wait it out or what... :worried: And how does the preorder process go? I never preorder anything in my life yet. lol Thanks guys!!! Love you all! :love:
  2. When I carried the spy I didnt really worry about anything falling out. I didn't overstuff the bag so everything pretty much stayed at the bottom. Also, the secret compartment is kind of heavy so it closes securely. Do you want to pre-order, or do you want the bag now? I think some of the boutiques still have them on the shelves. I was just at the Ala Moana Fendi today and they had quite a few spy bags available. I'd probably get that over the damier alma, I guess its because I was never a fan.
  3. I'm not a fan of the Alma per se, but if you are looking for a more "professional" looking purse, you might want to reconsider the spy. Generally, structured purses are a better option if you're looking for a work, professional purse.
  4. I want to preorder the black from saks because of their 10% off coupon. :lol: Also, this way I have time to go to the Fendi boutique later on and try on the spy in person then decide I guess. Just that the highest I ever spend for a bag was the $1000 B-bag I just bought and to hit the $2K range is starting to get very scary to me. :shame:
  5. Ya, that's also one of my main concerns too... whether if it'll fit for a law office environment.
  6. oo hehe yeah, use that coupon! :biggrin: Yeah, its an investment so you should be entirely sure beforehand. I hate buyers remorse!
  7. Irissy are you a lawyer, paralegal, law student? That's funny--I'm a lawyer. I think that's why I always end up with structured bags instead of slouchy ones. I don't want people to notice my purse before they notice me--at least professionally speaking.

    I've made my purses fun by getting them in colors since a lot of my clothes are black. Like I have a MJ Blake that's a very structure bag, actually great for work--but I got it in Spearmint, a sorta blue/aqua color...

    You could get the Spy with the coupon now and then cancel your order--but check and make sure you can do that before you buy the purse... Then you'd have time to try it out at the store.
  8. ^^^awesome :biggrin: I am hoping to get into law school soon. Nice to know that there are other bag addicts in the legal profession :nuts:
  9. With the "boring" black suits--I can't imagine not being into bags! But I see TONS of women attorneys with their black suits, white tops, and black purses. That's sooooooo BORING to me.
  10. :lol: Well, glad there are a few like you two with style out there! Hope I'll be joining you soon!
  11. I'm a law clerk right now and hopefully soon-to-be lawyer. :lol: Yes, I know what you're talking about lawyers dressing all black from head to toe. It suppose to make them look more professional I guess. The thing is that most of my bags are brown or beige and I have a few color ones and that's why I'm looking for a black right now. I think the damier alma might be a good work bag too.
  12. As long as you're ok with a handbag style instead of a shoulder, the Alma is very professional looking. I just ordered the BV ball purse online and it's not as structure as my other bags. But I think I can make it work. Just all a matter of personal style.
  13. i'd pick the alma for a professional look. i love the black spy and i'd be the happiest girl ever if i had one but being a student i cannot and will not spent 2K on a bag. now.
    to me thats a nice purse, shoes and a vacation.
    i don't have a bag that's that expensive, maybe that'll change when i make my own money.
    both bags are gorgeous, i'm contemplating the damier alma too!
  14. Yay, Noriko... we'll be waiting for you. :amuse:
  15. woohoo! :nuts: Hopefully you girls wont have to wait tooo long, it feels like forever until I graduate, but its only summer :lol: