black fendi spy on

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  1. wow costco really sells everything haha
  2. Agree with BTBF.

    Spy is being sold at Costco ($1899.99) for less than MSRP, but it's not the best deal one can possibly find. Barneys/Saks have 10% discount, NM sometimes offer 15% discount, Bloomingdales F&F Event offers 20% off! If you were to look at other jewelry/fashion products at Costco, Spy's price is not even in the high-category. They have watches that are more than $30 thousand, diamond rings that are almost $200 thousand.

    Patek Philippe Diamond Twenty-4 Women's Watch $29,999.99
    12.62 ct Radiant Cut Diamond Ring $197,999.99

  3. If I bought a Fendi at Costco I would love the bag but destroy the receipt and say to myself every night:
    You bought it at the boutique
    You bought it at the boutique
    You bought it at the boutique.....
  4. i see no problem with costco selling the spy. it's probably easier to get it at costco than to go to the boutique and buy it or wait for it to be shipped to you. the only reason i would rather buy at a boutique for a couple hundred more is to have my name in their system.
  5. It's a pretty good marketing scheme as well. Think abt those "well-trained" hubbies that might go pick up some bulk toilet paper, notice the Fendi Spys and remembers that the wifey has been raving abt it and drops $1800 on the bag. I'm pretty sure there are more guys who would willling go to Cost-co than to a fancy schmancy boutique.
  6. In terms of product qualities, I think they are the same (purchased from different places) -- an authentic Spy is an authentic Spy. The major differences are services & buyers have access to the sales' expertise on the products -- we pay for these!

    With Costco, buyers have to know what they want and just purchase them. It's really up to the individual to decide whether it's worth paying a little extra (sometimes a lot more) for service and advise (provided that the sale associate is nice and knowledgable). I was reading another thread that compares LVR and NAP, members mentioned that LVR's final price is less than NAP. However, NAP is better at e-mail responses (better customer services) so they are more suitable for unsure buyers (might return the bags, or other issues). For those are know exactly what they want, NAP can save them some extra $$. There's no free lunch. =)
  7. i cannot believe! LOL