black fendi spy on

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  1. Interesting. Is it much cheaper at Costco? (I'm not familiar with Spy prices)
  2. I can't agree with you more. It is a bit odd, but it doesn't bother me (except maybe Costco won't have a mirror so I can see how the Spy would look on me?)
  3. No way? I gotta see this with my own eyes. I'm going to Costco this weekend! :lol: Haven't been there for awhile now...
  4. Our local Sam's club have a locked glass display with about a Dozen or so bags. Mostly Fendi and Prada, but I've seen a random Coach and some others. They look to be several seasons old but they look great.
    If I was so inclined, I'd buy one in a minute. I don't care if they sell Fendi's in the 7-11 as long as they are authentic and in new condition.
    Though from the ones I've seen, none of the prices made me whip out my wallet. Good prices but not super discounted.
  5. wether they made to many or not, i frankly would not like to see such a beaytiful designer handbag at costco. but that is my opinion. the beauty of the spy is that not too many people are seen with one. at least here by me. so when you see one, you kind of fall in love with it all over again.
  6. But just because costco's carrying the spy doesn't mean that everyone's going to start buying them up, they still cost nearly $2000. I think people are just having a knee jerk reaction to hearing that designer stuff is being sold in a warehouse-type environment. Caskets to purses, i guess it really is one stop shopping :biggrin:
  7. I've seen Cartier watches at Costco. They're still a luxury item to me (and still out of my price range). I don't think it devalues the Spy to have it sold at Costco...unless it's the "exclusiveness" of the bag that is the primary attraction.
  8. I'd rather buy a Spy at Costco if it was the only shop around and I didn't feel like going 200 miles for a bag.

    I'd be more bothered with buying a casket there than a bag. It's just a bag with the same pricetag, really. The venue doesn't matter, the bag does.
  9. I should leave now - no one wants me here -

    Loganz was here
  10. If I am going to spend $ 2000 for a bag, I would rather to the reputable department store that sales the luxury items or go to the the particular bag's boutique. And if I don't have the particluar store near by, I still would not buy it from Cosco IMO. Dunno..maybe I am just a difficult or very particular person.
  11. Interesting... I didn't know costco carries luxury items
  12. I totally agree. If it isn't much cheaper, I'll really go to the fendi boutique of a reputable store that is an authorized dealer.
  13. You are missing the point. Costco is awesome. If I bought that spy bag from them and 9 months from now the stitching was coming out or the weave started to come undone, costco would refund all my money no questions asked. They also have a firm markup on items which I think is only 14%. they will not be greedy just because something is a hot ticket. I will never buy a computer from anyone but costco, nor a tv or stereo. They sell all the top of the line kitchen products without the ripoff pricetag. Costco started here in washington, so we've come to love what they sell. Looking for a nice rolex, check out costco. Their diamond rings are better quality and cheaper than anywhere else. Buy stock, you'll win.
  14. It's odd but I guess they just happen to be able to get the bag and sale it for a little bit cheaper ( just like bluefly?). I don't see anything wrong with it tho. I mean the price still pricy and the style still cute. If it's convenience and authentic why not?
  15. fendi is owned by the LV group so they may have an agreement with costco to sell their products. i don't think costco is selling it cheaper-that's about the price of the fendi spy at the fendi boutique in Maui when i was there last. maybe costco's cheaper by 20 cents which is still not cheap!