black fendi spy on

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  1. That is so gross
    NO fendi spy for me....:sick:
  2. Well...whatever. I still love mine!
  3. Me, too!! As mentioned before, it's not just Fendi at Costco, it's all major designers, including LV.
  4. Okay, it's a bit odd, but I don't see what's so gross about it. They're more than likely overstocks. Either Fendi made too many, or some store bought to many, and Costco bought them. Sam's Club gets designer bags too. However, I noticed that the ones Sam's had looked like they were from a season or two ago, so I am surprised that Costco can get the more current Spy. I was actually considering buying a Fendi wallet I saw at Sam's for $214. To me, it's not were I bought it that counts; it's the quality and beauty. My local Sam's Club also has Prada, Kate Spade, My Flat in London, and Coach.
  5. I'm a bit disappointed but I still love my spy!
  6. I don't find anything wrong with Costco selling high-end products, if Saks and NM can sell it, why can't Costco?

    It's not like Costco is selling it at $999 a piece. It's selling at $1899 for God's sakes. If you get a 10% discount from Saks, it would be $1867.50...still cheaper than Costco or if you buy it during the "buy some, get some" event, you will get a $300 giftcard back ($2075 - $300) that means you only pay $1775 for it.

    Cheaper doesn't mean that there is something "wrong" with it. It could just mean they are making a little bit less in profits...or others are making a lot more profits. Do you know how much is Fendi charging Saks, NM or even Costco for the Spys?

    I believe Saks sells more bags than Costco...does that mean Saks buy them in BULK, and "bulk" means not a good thing here?

    Don't you ladies shop at Costco? Why is Costco sells the Spy is a "disgrace" to the bag itself?

    To me, business is business. I don't care where you sell your stuff...the more you sell...that means it's good business.

    You buy the bag for how much it's worth, not because Saks is selling it, therefore it's good, and it's bad if Costco sells it.

    With that kind of thinking, I don't think you "deserve" to carry the Spy...and it's a "disgrace" to the Spy if you are one of its owners.

    Lighten up, people!.

    PS: I don't work for Costco, I don't own any Costco's stocks...I am just its regular member.
  7. I find it interesting. I've never stepped into a Costco before. I do plan on it though.
  8. Well said!;)
  9. Actually, the reason why it annoys me is not because it's sold at COSTCO, but the fact that they overproduced and are selling it at a cheaper price. (Or maybe it's the realization of the mark-up at the boutiques!)
  10. Costco accept food stamps?
    LoL......soon or later spy bag will turn to be thief bag?
  11. I just went and checked, and yes -- there it is, on sale at Costco. Also a few YSL etc. Hmm!
  12. If Costco can sell CARTIER watches and almost flawless diamonds, then why not Fendi? I don't think it should be an issue at all.
  13. Me either...I see no problem with buying a Spy at Costco. If you were one of those people who had to have it right away for the sake of having one, you've already gotten it. But its been on the market for awhile now and I think it's pretty cool that Costco has it. I mean, certain styles of fug Spy were bound to end up on Bluefly or Yoox sooner or later anyway, and Fendi in general is easily found on sale.

    the fact that they have sold LV makes me cringe though. I want to see this with my own eyes.
  14. Agreed. My dad got my mom a really pretty past, present and future diamond necklace from there for Christmas last year. I'd be more likely to buy the Fendi Spy from there than the ugly Zucca print ones that are shoved into a dusty, glass case at this other Costco near me. But really..I don't see a problem with that.
  15. P.S. ..and it's not like it's being sold dirt cheap. It's still pricey at $1,899 + tax?. Maybe if it was selling for $900 i'd be bothered.