black fendi spy on

WTF is right, heh. I'll go into costco occasionally and see a few old coach bags in a glass counter by their counter of "fine" jewelry. Who does costco think they are?! You can't have bulk food items and a fendi spy bag in the same building... or site! :wacko:
maybe they are factory seconds or minor scratches on these spys. They are still coming out with new colors and fabrics. I don't think the spy is out. I know some of the clothing they sell in costco are factory seconds they are either a little short or a little wide some. donno about the spy. how lovely that i can buy a fendi spy, casket, and toilet paper at the same place!!
Wow, that's insane! Who would have ever thought that? I'm particularly intrigued by Costco's gaurantee:

This item is covered by Costco's guarantee to refund your purchase price if you are not completely satisfied. Costco's guarantee applies, even though this item may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, because Costco is not an "authorized" dealer of the merchandise.

Although I'm sure the bags are authentic, I don't understand is how they can sell mass amounts of it and NOT be an authorized dealer. Given the fact that Costco sells in mass volume, I'm sure that they bought these bags directly from Fendi -- there's no way that Costco went around cherry picking these bags from NM and Saks! So I wonder if this Fendi's way of trying make as much money as possible without tarnishing their image via authorizing Costco as a dealer?
My guess is that they're perfectly normal, non-defective Spys. Just an over-run. They might have made too many in black and didn't have enough demand in their stores or through department store buyers.

I've heard that the B.bag production is so slow because they're making exactly what the demand is for them. They may have produced too many Spys and decided to be careful with their B.bag production since excess inventory is lost profits....