Black Fendi logo -going up...or down?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm brand new and just want to say that this is the cutest site!!! It just makes me happy to see everyone talking about their adorable bags...and you talk about other neat things too -- like the thread about causes. I'm a huge animal rescure advocate.

    Anyway, my handbag collection pales significantly in the face of your gorgeous bags...but I'm thinking of getting a black Fendi logo satchel (small, around 10 by 5) in the hopes that it will be a sort of "classic" black bag for general use. Do you all think the fendi logo fabric has staying potential, or is on its way out? (ps. I do not want an all leather bag b/c of the vegetarian issue). I was also looking at gucci's but don't really like those tiny "pochettes" and the larger ones are currently out of my price range -- in school. But is gucci more of a classic, so I should really invest in that?

    Thanks! Hope to talk to you all more:smile:
  2. LV Damier would be a great investment. It's timeless and will last forever.
  3. I love the fendi logo stuff. I have two fendi bags and love them. They're not the high-end but great none the least! Plus they're virtually indestructable! (did I spell that right?:shame: )
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