Black Fendi: is it with gold or silver hardware?

  1. hi guys,
    my spy baby is being fixed at Saks rite now.the end cap broke and they said they'll have to order it from fendi. just wondering if you guys know if the hardware is gold/silver? he said he's waiting for the gold part of it....unfortunately they have the bag. i don't have it so dont' know what color is the end cap...could you guys please help me's the regular black spy...thx
  2. i just got my balck fendi and on mine its silver ( the end cap but the purse bit is gold is it menat to be mixed? yellow and silveR>
  3. thanks for getting back to me. so the end cap of it is in silver for sure rite? the other parts are gold? just need clarification. i'm afraid Saks order the wrong one. thanks.

  4. This is what i'm talking about people...for those who have black spy bag..what color is this part of the end cap on yours??? thx
    f cap.jpg
  5. The black spies have the silver spy wands, (which include the end caps).
  6. What about the honey? All the hardware is gold apart from the two ends of the wand thing which are silver?