Black Fendi Braided Spy Bag, what do you think?

  1. Got this at a boutique in Vancouver for $950 Canadian, it's a 2006 model, in almost new condition, seems like a good deal. Here are the pics of it:
    fendispyleather.JPG fendispyleather6.JPG fendispyleather2.JPG
  2. Pretty bag -- looks real soft too :graucho: ...Congrats on the awsome deal :yahoo:
  3. WOW... What an AWESOME deal. You lucky girl!
  4. That bag is beautiful, and what a great deal!
  5. That is a great deal ... congrats on finding such a gorgeous bag!:yahoo:
  6. Which boutique did you get it from?
  7. congrats!!
  8. WOW - what a great price for a great bag:smile:
  9. looks like you got a fabulous deal

    congrats on your fab new bag :smile:
  10. Its a beauty! What a steal, congrats
  11. Sorry,I can't congratulate you on this fabulous deal...I'm too jealoous!!!;) :p
    You're really lucky!
  12. Great deal if it's the real thing.

    Yours, the color is a little bit off and it's not that shiny.


    Best wishes!
  13. EM -
    Please don't be offended here, we like the bag, but you might want to post the hologram tag photo, close up of auth card & leather strip with code (sewn into lining of the bag) to us on the authentification thread, just to make double sure everything is OK, or just to assist us in documenting spy attributes.

    The bag looks very nice, but the "smile" or crescent shaped stitching over the coin purse (spy compartment) is straighter than I have seen before - usually it curves across the top...may be an odd exception spy to document...or a problem...not sure :confused1: