BLACK eyeshadow.. any recommendations?

  1. I've always been a fan of black.. and i only wear black shadow on my nights out.. ive been using two diff chanel's black shadow but they come out more like grey than black..
    Can anyone out there recommend some other brands?
    I've tried anna sui, lancome etc but ....
  2. I use Carbon by MAC. It also gives a nice smokey eye and the more you apply, the darker it will look.
  3. I also have Carbon by MAC, it's a true black. Giorgio Armani also has a black one, might be easier to blend than MAC
  4. in my opinion..^^^ carbon is not dark. its more of an ashy gray.

    I like to mix Black Tied & Suspicion together. Or better yet mix it with some of the dark pigments.
  5. Definitly Mac - I love it for nights out!
  6. carbon :smile: Cant beat it. Or use Smolder Eyeliner and blend it with your pencil brush.
  7. MAC is terrific :biggrin:
  8. HARD CANDY.....true black with a bit of glitter in it !
    and lasts all night long !!
  9. MAC and Nars make the best.
  10. I second black tied by MAC, it's very nice, especially for the smokey eye look.
  11. i will definitely try out mac since everyone voted for it hehe thank you guyss!