black eyeliner

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  1. I am looking for a new black eyeliner... I have one from MAC but am not in love with it...I do use Stila's smudge pots and like that quite a bit, but am looking for other recommendations...either pencil or liquid...
  2. revlon colorstay, bobbi brown
  3. Benefit Bad Gal! It's more of a thick pencil but you can sharpen it to get a thinner line depending on the look you want.
  4. Clinique Brush On liner is really great! It's a lot like the smudge pots, but it doesn't dry out as quick. The color is also more vibrant.
  5. I heard Bobbi Brown makes a good one. I am currently using Stila smudge pots and I will probably try the BB one soon.
  6. Bobbi Brown all the way!:tup:
  7. i heard Bobbi Brown eye gel liner is a great one...but my make up artist friend said dries up too quickly before you finish the bottle yet it has a rich black colour!!

    However Mac eyeliner fluid dusen dry up as quick as BB and have longer lifetime...yet BB colour is more rich....

    is that true?
  8. I use whatever's cheapest... NYC double eyeliner pencil (black/brown). I line my eyes with the brown, and use a little black on the outer corners. I smudge a bit of dark brown eyeshadow over it; It looks softer but still noticable, and it doesn't smudge or run or anything.
  9. I use Revlon Colorstay in liquid form. It's inexpensive and stays on all day.
  10. I haven't been using a pencil or liquid in a while. I use my chanel eyeliner brush, dip it in water then in a dark (almost black) eyeshadow from chanel and line. It goes on very clean like a liquid and stays on without smudging, love it!
  11. I really love Bobbi Brown gel liners. They stay on forever.
  12. LOVE the color stay, it does just that, plus i find it goes on smoothly and if i have to quickly fix my line its just fine. I've yet to find one that stays as well as this.
  13. i love Benefit Bad Gal for liquid eyeliner, for pencil i use Mac.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.