Black Evergrain 35 cm Birkin

  1. Hi everyone,
    Can anyone give me a steer on whether this is likely to be a good work horse? The colour is perfect, it's just the durability of evergrain that I don't really know anything about.
  2. Sorry to cheekily bump this but I was hoping to make a call on this one by today. Any view on durability? Thanks
  3. Hi Sara - I don't have evergrain myself, but was recently heavily considering an evercalf bag (that still haunts me, in fact.) There's a really good thread about the two leathers here:

    It sounds like they're a good choice, scratches rub out fairly easily, it's not too heavy, etc. A bit soft and floopy, if that's what you like. Not sure about corner wear. Hope that helps and maybe some others will chime in.
  4. I think so, based on the fact that evergrain is a leather used for many of the men's wallets. I don't have anything in this leather so I can't speak from direct experience, but have seen it in both birkin and kelly bags and it looks great.
  5. I have a Jige in evergrain and love it. I've carried it quite a bit and it hasn't scratched yet. :tup:
  6. good choice!
  7. I think it is a wonderful choice and combination for a birkin. You will also enjoy the feel of the soft texture of evergrain.
  8. I had an evergrain and love the look and feel. I had a 35 and it was quite structured and rigid--not soft at all-- so you need to decide if you like that look. It felt a bit too big for me because it was so structured -- I prefer a softer bag (like clemence) for 35s. The skin is sort of matte and scratches do show up much more easily than with clemence or togo, for example, and it does tend to show corner wear more easily.
    all that being said, it is just a beautiful leather. If I were to get it again though it would be in a smaller bag and not for my workhorse birkin. JMO but I hope it helps.
  9. sara, you can't go wrong with the leather or the color.
    Great choice. :smile:
  10. Thanks a mill everyone. Rockerchick, can I ask you about the wear? Is it particularly bad or only a bit worse than togo/clemence?
  11. since i have had both --clemence and togo are significantly better.
  12. Thanks hermesaholic. I know it's probably different for everyone, and maybe what I am looking for isn't possible. But seens as I need a workhorse then mayve evergrain isn't my man?
    I have evercalf and it has a lovely feel to it. I don't mind the scratches, which there are plenty of, but it's not really durable and there were issues with handles having been damaged. The feel of the leather is glorious though.
  13. personally evergrain and evercalf are luscious and unmatched for feel but they look worn fast. but there is a reason that clemence and togo are so often requested and are the bulk of the production
  14. I see what you mean,
    Would it be fair to say that if you got it in 35cm you'd have to really work and like that Parisian broken-in-birkin look? If you're more prone to studying corners it's the quick route to a heart attack? I think I'm the latter unfortunately
  15. I have a 35cm Ebene Evergrain Birkin.

    She's actually quite soft, and not as structured as you might think. More than most, probably (the pic above if from the first day I got her!) but I personally love Epsom for stiff, and swift for floopy; she's somewhere in the middle.

    She'd be a great workhorse, but with the weather lately (and I've heard water on them just wipes right off, but I'm not that brave yet) she's been buttoned up on her pillow tucked away.

    She looked a little vein-y when I first got her... in fact, my sweet S.A. called her togo and I didn't realize she wasn't until I got her home and saw the tag! I love it, but it seemed to fade after a couple months anyway. She was my first H, and she means a lot to me.

    A WONDERFUL leather. Let us know what you decided! :tup: