Black Epi Speedy & Pochette Cancun

  1. Hi everyone! I'm planning on buying a black Epi Speedy and the Pochette Cancun in MIni Lin Ebene in the next couple of weeks.
    I need your opinions! I'm pretty sure about the Speedy, because I want a black bag that won't go out of style and doesn't scream LV (for those low-key days..:supacool:).
    Is it very stiff? Do you have other suggestions for a black bag?
    What do you use your Pochette Cancun for? I would use it when I go for walks with my dog and only take my keys and phone with me and for when I go on city trips to keep my CC and ID in it.... TIA:heart:
  2. I have the black speedy and I adore it! It is not stiff, but it does hold its shape very well.
  3. yay get it me like ebene mini lin:yes:
  4. I think the black epi speedy is a great choice! And I love the cancun, but prefer it in the mono. I don't have one, but I'm always eyeing it!
  5. I just ordered last week black epi speedy 25, and now i´m just waiting it to arrive. Can´t wait!!

    So definetly get the speedy!!
  6. great choices! I don't have one, but I LOVE the Black EPI!
  7. i prefer the epi leather over the mini lin but it all depends on what you want this next bag to be: daily bag? something to keep small things in? i would go for the epi as the black is really understated and and has a slight gleam at certain angles. plus you'd probably get more bang for your buck. good luck!
  8. Epi Speedy!
  9. I've seen the cancun used for phones, cc, bills, just about anything small enought to fit in it.
  10. Speedy- can't go wrong!
  11. Great choices-love the epi line and the black speedy is beautiful
  12. get the epi speedy! it doesnt really sag.