black Epi Speedy 30

  1. Whats your thoughts on this bag?? Do you think it can be used as a casual everyday bag with jeans and tees, or is it too dressy? I have it in red and I think it can be casual, but not sure about it in black. thanks
  2. the black can be just as casual as the red. If you like it, go for it.
  3. I think the black will look very chic with jeans! Go for it!!
  4. I agree that the black speedy can easily be dressed up or down
  5. I have epi black speedy and I love that bag. I am using mine with jeans ans so chick... personally go for it.
  6. You can dress it up and dress it down.. Get it !!
  7. I think it's a bag that can go with everything: jeans and casual outfit but also elegant outfits!
  8. I agree! Get it.:yes:
  9. Black is so classic & versatile. It's such a staple color - every woman needs a good black handbag, just as every woman needs a little black dress :yes:
  10. I have the speedy 25 in black and love it. Mine has the goldtone hardware which I think makes the bag a little dressier; however, I carry mine wearing jean and other casual wear. I think the silvertone hardware on the newer black EPI is TDF and perhaps a little less dressy! Go for it!
  11. You could totally wear that bag for any occasion. It's a beauty!
  12. It can be casual or dressy. It's a beautiful classic! DO IT!!
  13. I have seen someone's black epi speedy 25 at the grocers, it was gently broken in; it looked really high quality even with the soft sag by the zipper and handles part. Very very nice.
  14. Oh def. get it in the black ! it will be much easier for you to wear it with whatever outfit you'd like (compared to the red) and its sooooo durable ! :tup::tup:
  15. Love mine and wear it with equally with suits and jeans.