BLACK EPI Segur PM for casual or formal?

  1. help,thinking of buying this one.. but since its black, it can be used for double purpose rite?need your opinions.thanx!
  2. Segur is not for formal occasions. JMO
  3. i so want this from the epi line..but yet to choose..which color?
  4. I think this is a fabulous purse that can be dressed up with suit for work and will work for dressed down, business casual days. It is a sophisticated bag and I haven't committed to it because some days I am running around in jeans and tennis shoes and I don't think I could pull it off.
  5. i think it is more of a smart casual bag. but i can see it being used during the day and maybe out to dinner at night. but i don't see it as an evening bag.
  6. can't wear jeans with it?
  7. hermm yeah def not for evening gown, but maybe for formal dinner at the hotel will do rite?
  8. I think you can very well wear it with jeans-it is a smart bag that can be dressed up or down. I think anything except evening gowns and sweat pants can be worn with it.
  9. Depending on the dress, i think the style is both casual and classic IMO.
    I saw the Sègur at LV in black, red, canelle and myrtille, i loved all colors but my fav. was red!
  10. ITA