Black Epi or Black MC

  1. :shrugs: I don't know why I did this lol. I was at LV Boutique today. This evening..
    I bought the Black Epi Business Card Holder.

    I want a small wallet, Black Epi or Black MC

    I'm now thinking of returning this Black Epi Business Card Holder for the Black MC Cozy Purse which is so cute.

    Should I return this and get the Black Epi Ludlow or Black MC Cozy purse.

    I currenly want a small wallet for my Black Epi Montaigne Clutch.

    Any suggestions :shame:

    Does anyone else use the Business Card Holder as a wallet? What I liked is it seems like it has more room than the Ludlow. The ludlow has a closure, and same with the Cozy Purse.
  2. I've looked at my Epi Business Card Holder, and I like it, I've decided I will keep it. I just had some second thoughts just finding out its a Business Card holder. I like it has two card holders that are enclosed.
    I will buy the MC Cozy Purse another time. One that has more pink on it :love: I have 14 days to return it, if I want the Cozy Purse or Ludlow.

    Sorry I asked, but I am still curious if anyone else uses the Business Card holder for a compact wallet?
  3. I have used the card holder as a wallet and I think it is really cute!
  4. Hi Dell, thanks for your reply. I like it as well. :yes: I think its cute.
  5. i like ussing my lv blk mc mirror for a cardholder without the mirror in it with my black epi.