Black epi, OK for summer too?

  1. Hi girls, I have this "dilemma" :p . I love my black epi bucket, but now that summer comes, does it look too wintry? I wear mostly black/white/vanilla and pastels in summer, very few brights. I was at LV recently and looked at the Azur Damier, but somehow did not convince me, and summer here is soo short (The Netherlands). So, is it OK to carry my black epi bucket with summer clothes? Thanks for your help!
  2. I would carry it in the summer. As long as it matches your outfit, I think you can do it.
  3. yah, why long as it matches. i mean if you are wearing pastels with white i personally wouldnt use a black bag. but if your outfit has some black in it..then go for it! have you seen the epi ivorie bags??? TDF!!!
  4. black goes with anything!
    winter, summer....anytime!!
  5. Black is OK anytime- wear it & enjoy!
  6. I think black Epi always looks great, I especially like it with a black top and light pants:yes:
  7. I think black is fine to wear all year long!:yes:
  8. I think it is fine, I just use the warm weather as an excuse to have more bags!
  9. Yes, Rica Palma, I saw the epi ivoire...I cannot make up my mind whether epi in this colour looks superclassy or supercheap (plastic-like) while black epi is sooooooo chic.

    I appreciate your replies girls, I have decided to update my wardrobe to match my bag. I love black linnen when one has a tan, combined with some white gold or silver jewellery.

    By the way, ever since I have the LV black epi my other bags (Delvaux, Gucci, Prada, Bally) have faded in their dustbags. Long Live LV :heart:
  10. I am from the Netherlands too!!!!
    I think you can wear your bag in the summer as long as you have a bit of black in your outfit. A lot of white and a little bit of black would look great!!! But when you are wearing only light colours, it would stand out too much. A good reason to buy another bag in a pastel colour?????
  11. Personally, I don't like to carry a black bag in the summer unless its a smaller evening bag. I think the epi in ivorie is stunning, but if you don't think you'd get enough use out of it, how about red epi? Red is GREAT for summer and winter!
  12. I definitely plan on using my black speedy this summer!
  13. Uh, I am afraid the red epi is tooo red, pillar-box red actually, too overwhelming. Besides, I have a lovely Gucci Bouvier in darkish red, very classy.

    I notice how many of you girls who live in sunny places opt for brighter or lighter colours, but when you live in a cooler climate, these colours may look gaudy or out of place. This is probably the reasons why most french women favour black!
  14. Through a fun scarf or accessory on it, and there you go!
  15. of course! just assuming you dont wear too much black, it will be fine!