black epi nocturne PM on let-trade

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  1. I'm currently loving the Nocturne PM on let-trade (I've never seen this style before!):


    I'm searching for a classic purse that I can use when I don't have to carry around too much.

    My requirements are:

    - over the shoulder purse with one strap
    - secure closure, meaning zipper, snap or pushlock
    - something I can dress up or down so I could use it for work and for evening
    - something on the structured side
    - smallish, meaning 12" or shorter, and not too deep or wide
    - I'm leaning towards black

    Whaddya think? Does the Nocturne fit the bill? I wasn't necessarily looking at LV or any other high end designer, but the price is within budget. :graucho: It's a bit on the plain side, but I like that it's more understated than overstated... and I can be sure that this will never go out of style.
  2. Love the bag.. its a good daytime bag.. I remember when it used to be in the stores.. its beautiful.. very tailored and classic
  3. I'm wondering if there are there any downsides to the Nocturne PM...
  4. Gorgeous, someone get it!
  5. i dont actually like this bag. i think it looks weird because its too structured?
  6. I love structured bags...but am not feeling the structure of this one. The strap seems a bit on the wide side. The bag itself seems a bit toooo structured...even for me...
  7. Looks like the decision's been made for me... it's gone from let-trade... :crybaby:
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