Black Epi Madeleine PM - Out of stock?

  1. Oh I'm frustrated!
    Does anyone know how long bags usually take to come back into stock?
    It's not a limited edition and it's in a standard colour, so it should be in regular production - no? I was talking to customer service just now and they said they don't have any information as to when it will be back in stock. That seems a rather poor show to me that they don't have an inventory management system enabling them to forecast stock levels.
  2. You will just have to wait. And get a Boutique to call you when one comes in.
  3. What's the average waiting time for a regular non LE bag, does anyone know?
  4. I see it's back in stock on today (it was saying unavailable yesterday)... does that mean it's likely to come back into the shops again soon?
  5. Still waiting. Very fed up. Don't think I'll bother buying anything else from LV after this bag eventually comes in (where I can't pick it up same day) - customer service is very disappointing. I really don't understand why they can't give better information regarding lead times.
  6. I think their supply chain isn't as regular considering that Louis Vuitton isn't (as) mass produced - don't worry, it'll pop up in a shop soon enough ! :yes:

    You could always take a Ryanair flight to France to pick one up too.. :graucho:
  7. I saw this available on eLux earlier today.
  8. Hi... usually their stocks arrive every week.
    In LV Dublin, ask for June (SA).. she is very helpful.
  9. They seem to get 2 deliveries per week, but unfortunately my bag's not come in yet. I've been dealing with June, who has been very nice - she's going to call me when it comes in.

    I don't enjoy this waitlisting process at all!

    Are there many people on this forum in Ireland do you know?