Black Epi Lockit or Dell 1530 with tax refund..

  1. Opinions? I know...not quite the same...


  2. O:huh:... Eek... I honestly think that I would get the computer. :sweatdrop: Don't hate me LV lovers..
  3. (Dam you!!!!! ( :p ) That is what i was thinking...)
  4. Sorry hon... What can I say, I am a tech and LV geek ;)
  5. I'd get the LV haha!! just because computers out date so quickly and the bag never will!
  6. Mmm.. I agree with Rowie. Computers do out date VERY quickly, almost as soon as you buy one. Tech VS LV lol... I am undecided, now I can see why you are troubled lol.

  7. LOL! Thank you for understanding!
  8. If you need a laptop, then get the Dell. I think a computer is vital!
  9. ^^^ My point exactly!
  10. :tup: sorry, I'm not a big fan of Epi Lockit so I'll say to get a laptop.
  11. Sigh... wish this was an easy choice... I have a working laptop but want to ditch it as it was supposed to be for travel only. My last Inspiron (4 years old) is pretty much dead.. and yet... I want a pretty new purse.... ergggg!
  12. If your in dire need of a laptop! (oh no! don't be cut off from tPF!!!!) i'd get the computer!!

    But if it isn't anything you need ASAP.. i'd say the lockit. XD
  13. Can't go wrong w/either one!
  14. Lockit! I don't think highly of Dell computers.... unfortunately. I think the Lockit will last longer and you won't have to replace it in a couple of years.
  15. Hmmm... would you consider a refurbished laptop? They run significantly cheaper and with the money you save you can get your LV!!