** BLACK EPI JASMIN, pics please **

  1. I tried to search previous threads, but I couldn´t find a pic where is black jasmin..

    if someone has that bag, could you please take a picture?

    I also can not decide which one i´m going to buy next week from stockholm..

    black speedy 25, alma or jasmin..

  2. Black epi jasmin:heart: :
    Picture 003.jpg
  3. It's so beautiful! This HAS to be my next bag...
  4. that's beautiful
  5. it's on my search list, except i like the older version w/gold hardware not the current one w/silver hardware. Definitely a classic and chic bag, get it!
  6. So pretty :biggrin:
  7. This is such a lovely bag. I have it in New Red and love it! It's a must-have.
  8. Nice picture. I'm considering one too, but I'm not sure if it will be too mature for me in the black.
  9. I love the look of the bag, but when I tried it at the store, it was kind of hard to get into...is it just me? =( I really love the bag though...
  10. What kind of charm do you think would look good on a black jasmin? :nuts:
  11. the tPF secret sign charm! ;) it's silver so it'll be perfect w/that hardware.
  12. :yes: i think so lol