Black Epi is here!

  1. I am totally in love! DH bought me this little "mono' pod for my camera so my photos would come out better with no flash (can't shake at all!). What a guy.
    Anyway, here she is. She is in immaculate condition. Thank you Authentic LV Lady!

  2. :love: LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS!!!:love:
  3. that's great looking, congrats!
  4. Congrats!! It is beautiful! :biggrin::heart::flowers:
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. oooh!! :biggrin: Beautiful bag, Wow! Congratulatons.
  7. It's beautiful, I love your hair and the total look with the sunglasses!
  8. It looks great!
  9. Looks great on you!!! Enjoy!
  10. 0o0o0o0o, so beautiful!!! congrats!!!
  11. Congrats! It's a beauty.
  12. beautiful. congrats
  13. That's gorgeous
  14. Very cute, congrats !
  15. Congrats! It looks great on you.
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