Black Epi in Bucket or Lockit?

  1. I'm planning to get a new Black Epi to replace my St. Jacques which I'll sell soon because it's too big for me and I haven't used it in months.

    I've more or less decided between 2 bags -- the Bucket or the Lockit. What do you think? Is the Lockit also too big for me like the St. Jacques? In only 5 feet and 100 lbs. Thanks!
  2. The Epi Lockit looks good. I like the lock-and-key detail and it looks really classy.
    I find the Bucket too common and simple. just my opinion:yes:
  3. id go for the locket. I definetely don't think the lockit is too big, i love the look of the ivorie locket, very classy.
  4. oh i soooo love the black epi lockit!!!

    go for it!!!

    it's not too big.
    it actually looks pretty small and cute.

    good luck on whatever you're deciding.. ;)
  5. I'd go with the Lockit.
  6. This is a hard choice for me! I love the bucket shape, but the lockit is very pretty too.
    Since you are replacing a shoulder bag, I'm going to choose the bucket!
  7. Personally I prefer lockit...
  8. Personally, I hate bucket style so my vote goes for Lockit!
  9. I prefer the Lockit if I had to choose between just those two. Have you considered an Alma? I'm your height and I like the feel of the Alma for fact I have the Alma in both black and in damier.
  10. classy !!!
  11. I like how you can dress the Lockit up or down, and it's a secured bag with a zipper....then again, you get a mini bag with the bucket .....!!!! Decisions, decisions.......
  12. Go for the Bucket!!! I very much prefer this over the lockit.
  13. Lockit! I don't like the bucket at all!
  14. persnally i don't like the bucket style, so i say lockit
  15. Definitely The Lockit!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooo Pretty!