Black Epi Decisions Decisions

  1. Ok so now I'm down to these - which do you like best:

    or a Speedy 25 (didn't need to take a pic of that - think you all know what that one is :graucho:
  2. I like the Passy and Jasmin. The silver hardware on those two really pop against the black leather.
  3. Passy :graucho:
  4. My favorite is the Jasmin. I love the speedy but for me its a little hard to get in and out of. My second choice is the Passy!!! The Jasmin and Passy are very classy looking in the black epi!
  5. I'm thinking the Passy too. Do you think that it could be a casual bag or is it dressy? Also - would it be considered a more medium size bag - don't want anything BIG!
  6. I think that you could wear the passy either way honestly. I'm not sure on the size of it, I saw it the other day in the store..but I didn't pick one up.
  7. I am biased to the speedy 25 cause I have one but if I had to choose from those 3 photos, I'd have to pick the alma.
  8. I like the Passy or Alma.
  9. I think it can be both casual and dressy, good for work and good for going out. I would say it is a medium sized bag, similar to a Mono Speedy 30 in length
  10. 1. Passy
    2. Speedy
    3. Alma (although the stock pic does it no justice)
  11. I like the Passy.
  12. I have the black epi speedy and am now in NEED of a passy - sigh - so I vote for the passy.
  13. Passy if you don't mind an open top, otherwise Alma. Alma is a great size & the shape is very pretty. I like the Jasmine, but it is a little small & the zipper rubs your hands. The Jasmine is also more prone to wrinkling when you stretch the opening to get your wallet out, Alma is gusseted so no problems there. You can leave the Alma unzipped & keep folders in there if needed, it's just a great all around bag.
  14. I like Passy 1st, Jasmin 2nd. Passy would look so great with a bandeau tied around the handle! It's a very classy bag!
  15. I have a black epi speedy so I'm biased. But, I also do like the passy. Hmm...
    1. Speedy
    2. Passy
    3. Jasmin