Black epi bag for dressier occasions/work

  1. Would you do an Alma? A lockit? Any other suggestions (can be a discontinued one, I am not ruling out buying used...)?

  2. I'd recommend the epi Segur PM, because it's a very dressy little hand held bag, except that it's probably too small for most people. I have it and love it, but then I don't carry very much around. How about the Pont-neuf? It's a very elegant handbag ... I fall in love with it every time I see it. :girlsigh:
  3. Passy! I think it's the prettiest Epi bag out there...
  4. Lockit: dressy, cute, and functional
  5. i have a black jasmin and i love it, i use it almost everyday at work and it works well with going out after too
  6. For work? Can't beat a Speedy. Might not be what you're looking at for elegant dinners out, but I think it is a classic, classy bag.
  7. i use a's fun but still sophisticated!
  8. Passy would be perfect for work, and a Soufflot is great to use on dates, ITA with Jill, it's sophisticated!
  9. I love my Black epi Alma! Sized just right for everyday, yet looks dressy for a dinner too!
  10. It really depends on what you need to carry.
    Passy if you need to carry a few documents and magazines.
    Alma is slightly smaller but should fit a magazine, probably not documents without bending though. Plus side is that it zips up (Passy is open).
    Jasmin if you like small bags.
    Lockit falls between all of these in sizes.

    I love the Epi line. They are understated but beautiful. Good luck with your choice and let us know what you get.
  11. I think the Alma is a great work bag. The speedy seems a bit too casual for work, I think.
  12. Passy!
  13. madeline pm
  14. i vote for the lockit! i'm not a fan of the alma myself..
  15. Exactly, but you could use the Epi Montaigne for elegant dinners out... unless, you don't like handheld purses, then maybe a Jasmin.