Black Epi Alma with Gold or Silver Hardware?

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Which would you do?

  1. Get black Epi Alma with silver hardware

  2. Wait for black Epi Alma reissued with gold hardware

  3. Get damier Alma with gold hardware

  4. Get Ebene Hampstead, Mono Noe, Trevi or Azur Speedy

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  1. Recently, we got my mom the mono alma. It's a bag that I never considered and felt was too old, but now, in my early 30s, I think it looks great on me too! I was thinking however, that the alma in black epi or damier would be better for my lifestyle (corporate but needing something more discrete). The only problem is, I prefer almas with the gold hardware. Silver just seems a bit off to me.

    Should I wait for the black epi alma to be reissued with gold and just get one of the other bags on my wish list now assuming of course they are in stock (e.g., ebene alma, ebene hampstead, mono noe, Trevi, azur speedy)?
  2. IMO epi black alma looks hot with silver hardware.
  3. I like gold hardware too, but silver is a bit more discreet. Maybe you can get two almas...first get one in black with silver so you can use it for work and later get the damier ebene that has the gold hardware for weekend use? Two totally different looks!
  4. I have a Black Epi Alma with Silver Hardware. For me, it looks less elegance comparing to Gold hardware, but it's easier to match with stuff and would look better in a long time (=
  5. I LOVE the Black Epi Alma with silver h/w. It has a more modern look.
  6. Black and gold --- so classy!
  7. Silver!
  8. I love the Damier Alma so sophisticated and stylish... I notice in the shortage there are plenty of epi in stock, that is what is in my face every time I go to LV:thinking:
    If you do go epi... silver is beautiful!:yes:
  9. My favorite is the Black Epi Alma with silver h/w. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I personally love the look of Epi (in any color) with silver hardware. It's so modern, polished and city-smart! The Alma is a stunning choice with silver hardware.
  11. go for the black epi alma with shw! i just got one and i get compliments on mine all of the time. in the long run, the silver will not chip like the gold hw does.
  12. Prefer it with the gH
  13. thanks everyone for all your questions. it is very helpful because I will be shopping for my LV when I next visit the family in Hawaii! obviously I am torn between a ton of beautiful styles.

    A few questions:
    - does the silver hw chip? I would think it is just a coating like the gold color, and that chipping may happen?
    - are you ever annoyed that your silver hw doesn't match your lv wallets, etc?
    - what is the rumor re when LV will replace the silver with gold hw for epi alma? ie., how long will i have to wait?
  14. I prefer the Noir Alma with silver hardware. It's so modern, polished and classic. I also wear silver jewelry and it would look amazing overall.
  15. I prefer the silver hardware. I have a black epi jasmin with silver hardware which is about 5 years old - and have not had any problems with it. Unlike my original mono - which the brass has worn away and needs replacing!!

    I prefer the silver hardware to the brass for that reason! I haven't heard any rumours of LV replacing the epi with gold/brass hardware - and I hope they don't!!