Black Envelope Clutch with SGH.....

  1. Anyone seen one of these. I've only found it in Pine and Violet but I think Black with SGH would be stunning for a night out!
  2. I spoke with an SA at Balparis the other day also looking for an envelope clutch. I'm not sure that I remember correctly but I think he said that they had both plomb and black with SGH. The SA I spoke with didn't speak english very well so I might have misunderstood him. If you call them I can recommend Nathalie. She speaks excellent english.
    I just got my envelope yesterday. It's really beautiful and in my opnion the best clutch balenciaga ever made.
    Good luck with your search! Hope you find it!
  3. yes, they do have the plomb envelope clutch in paris. i got mine souple of weeks ago.. good luck!
  4. may I ask how much the env. clutch costs at Bal Paris?
  5. Hirshleifers in Manhasset, Ny has black clutch with GSH. Phone number is 516-627-3566. It is not a jet black though. It has a grayish look but is not plomb.

  6. Have you tried Barney's? I saw one in Beverly Hills a few weeks back.