Black empriente metis or speedy 30

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  1. Which would you pick and why? Would you buy both if you could or is that too much empriente in black? Mahalo!:smile:
  2. The speedy
    And if I could both
  3. Speedy! You can wear it three different ways.
  4. Emp. Speedy - so gorgeous!!
  5. Speedy! I actually prefer the mono métis :smile:
  6. Empreinte speedy! Yes i would buy both if i could. Both are gorgeous bags!
  7. Speedy
  8. I love both but if you want black color, Speedy looks better than Metis in the black.
  9. speedy
  10. Going through the same debate! Going to try both on in the store on Saturday. Let us know what you decide!
  11. speedy for sure! more ways to carry...👍
  12. Speedy! I like the way it looks and carry options.
  13. Speedy.. Buy metis in other color. I love my metis empriente in celeste.