Black empriente Metis or Artsy?

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  1. What are your opinions on this metis? Should I purchase before the increase? Please help!
  2. Do you like métis? I love métis but not in this color, for some reason, black métis is not like other emp line like speedy, artdy and lumi gorgeous. I would choose infin, aurora or aube.
  3. I also prefer metis in a brighter color. I love the new black, but the design of the metis seems to call for a bit more flare ;)
  4. For the métis I actually prefer it in the monogram. Idk what it is!

    The black artsy however, TDF!

    That's just one girls opinion though! If you love it, go for it!
  5. Hmm .. I thought it would look gorgeous in black .. I'm surprised with the responses here. I have the metis in aub and was thinking the black would be nicer. Guess I need to look at it to believe it.
  6. I'm not a fan of the Metis, but I do like the bag in the Amethyst in Empreinte leather.
  7. I think Metis is best in Mono, but I prefer Empreinte over every other line.
  8. I think that black looks good in metis.. It was on my list and then I decided to go for the artsy.
  9. I think the black is gorgeous in the Metis. I say go for it:smile:

  10. +1. I'm usually not a fan of Metis but love it in the noir empreinte.
  11. Aloha tpfers! Please help. Which one would you choose?i only have an hour left to decide!! Mahalo!
  12. If black, artsy! I prefer the empreinte metis style over artsy though!
  13. I tried it on in the store yesterday and it's heaaaaavvvvyyyy!
  14. Artsy!
  15. I'm a little based since I bought the black artsy. I love the look of the Metis but the strap was not as comfortable and the opening wasn't big enough for me. Also, I can see the depth of the bag making my things harder to find. So, my vote goes to the Artsy!