Black Elisha/Bonnie question....

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  1. Ok...

    The black Elisha and Bonnie? In the pics I have seen the black ones look really shiny, but the red and blonde look more matte. I wondering if its just the flash on the pics?

    Are the black ones a shiny looking leather IRL or are they matte?

    Thanks ;)
  2. I have the black Elisha and it is not shiny at all...definitely a dull or matte finish.
  3. i want a black devin so baaaaaaaad
  4. .....I er.....bought a Black Bonnie yesterday:shame:
    Well I didnt really buy it! I sold another bag on Ebay and I have put my Scarlett up for auction too. Its too 'indiana jones' for me and doesnt really go with my clobber.

    Plus I dont even own a black bag!
    And everyone has to have a black bag.....right?
  5. Halzer - There is no such thing as a purse ban, why kid yourself??!!! As long as this forum exists, nobody stands a chance.
    Yes, you have to have at least one black bag. For the longest time, I had only black bags. About 10 years ago I started branching out, and it's been costing me a fortune ever since!
    Looked for your scarlett, didn't see it.
  6. For some reason, items listed on Uk Ebay dont show up on the USA one anymore,even if you will ship there.

    Ebay are such grumps these days. They charge you for everything yet never help you out.:cursing:

    P.S....I really am on a ban now!! 1000% I am!
  7. Well, I agree with Lexie, if you have sold one bag and are selling another, then by purchasing the Bonnie you are just replacing one bag with another. If I've done the math correctly, since you are selling two bags and have only replaced one so far, then you can get another replacement bag without violating "the ban". So . . . life is good. :tup:
  8. I totally agree! So what other bag is on your list???
  9. AND as the leather is used more the PATINA is to DIE FOR. i have a blonde bonnie... mmmm
  10. I think the Black Elisha or Devin make for a very very classy bag. I don't need another black bag but if I did, a Devin would be on my list.
  11. Yes, Halz, that's what I was thinking, reading your post, you're actually one bag short! Now we can't have that, let us help you spend your money, LOL
  12. You are so naughty! You're supposed to be telling me not to buy any more! :lol:

    Anway if my scarlett sells I will have 4 bags in my possession. The Lena, Brynne, Bonnie and my Tano bucket. Thats enough for this year.

    I cant believe the amount of bags I have bought and sold this year on Ebay.
    1 Betsey Johnson, 2 Isabella Fiores, the scarlett, a cole Haan, a 'no name' bag and a Lush bag that I was given as a present. And of course the 4 that Im keeping.

    Well I have learnt from my mistakes. It has taught me that I like Kooba the most, and I prefer simple design styles.

    Roll on next year!:graucho:
  13. Hey, Halz, what do you mean a bit "Indiana Jones" anyway?, I love my Sienna and I'm no cowboy chic...(except when I come to think of it, I love suede jackets and boots...LOL)

    Think you're gonna regret flogging that lovely Scarlett, is it sold yet?
  14. i bought a black elisha last week! I got it on Friday and it is just beautiful in real life--pictures don't do it justice. it makes me tear up a little :smile:

    xox, elle down