Black Edith Tote

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  1. I'm so excited to have found a GREAT deal on a black edith tote from NM online!!!! My whiskey paddy is going to have a sister:yahoo: I was wondering if anyone has this bag, and what you think of it. Pictures would be nice as well.:amuse:
  2. Congrats....I don't have one yet but plan on it real soon!Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Congrats!!! :tup: How much, BTW? :graucho:

    All this Edith talk is making me lust after one! :push:
  4. Love that bag :tup:
    I have one in Whiskey and I saw the black one yesterday sitting at Saks for $851-33% (maybe 50% at final cut).. so cheap and no one buying her...:sad:
    someone get it!!
  5. [​IMG]
    Here is a picture of the bag that I got....I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I got it for 665 when all was said and done. When I pulled up the old link to get the pic to show you all it said that the bag was not in stock, but the price was only 485....whats up with that!?!
  6. Do you all think this was a good choice?? I was torn between this, and a black bowler type from Net-a-porter.
  7. I ordered the same bag along with a satchel, both black. (I already have a satchel in muscat) I paid same price! I also just received the double pocket satchel in white (LOVE it!!) A couple of months ago I bought the Bowler in Muscat (love her too!) I am thinking about keeping this Edith many could I possibly own?! Looks like she should be carried more for business, or maybe travel with magazines, books computer. How will you use her? Should I keep her? Same dilemma as you:confused1:
  8. I just saw a picture of the bowler from NM online, and it looks a lot better than the picture net had.....I am really wondering if I made a wrong choice:confused1:
  9. [​IMG]this is the bag I was going to get before I saw the other....I though it looked small and not very soft. Thoughts....
  10. That one looks really nice too, but I haven't seen it IRL. It looks to be the exact same size as my double front pocket, and I love the size. The Tote IMO is a little tall...more for business. I guess it depends on the use. If it for an everyday bag, I think I would go for the bowler. You can always return your tote to NM. You have 30 days>:tup:
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts!! When I got my tote the leather was beautiful, but I just could not get the bowler out of my head, and all I could think about was that it looked like a work bag. I took my tote back to NM in oakbrook this past Friday, and just ordered the bowler of NAP this morning. It should be here tomorrow because I paid for next day shipping!! Can't wait to post my pic!!!!:amuse:
  12. Please post pictures as soon as you get it becuase I keep looking at it too but I wanna how soft it really is!
  13. I was so excited because I thought I was getting the bag tomorrow, but when I got home from work Net-a-porter sent me and email saying I had to answer back with more info. so that they knew it was me....I guess they do that the first time you order from them. So I guess I'll have to wait and get it Thursday
  14. according to the dimensions it looks like a good size, not too big but it looks very stiff from their photo!