Black east/west w new chain?

  1. Is there anymore black east west flaps with new chain out there? In caviar or lambskin ..

    Ohh and is there anyone who knows the price or the style #?

    TIA :yes:
  2. Nobody?
  3. The style # is 07P A35191 Y01588

    The caviar version is definitely sold-out across the US as I've been searching for that bag for the past month and a half....and had very reliable SA's at both Chanel boutique and Saks check for me continuously....and the stock has been showing 0 available. NM bought the lambskin version only (in that E-W style w/ bijoux chain) and is most likely sold-out as well; I didn't check with NM as I was only looking for the caviar version. Perhaps you could try boutiques/dept. stores in Europe?
  4. foxycleopatra .. thanx :smile: ... I'll have to try europe then