Black dylan with GH??


Jul 12, 2009
This is just a guess, but I assume it's the brass hardware - I see the black Dylan on Nordie's website with brass hardware, and the Dylan on with gunmetal hardware. I had this question a while back when I bought a Botkier Logan satchel. The picture on Nordie's site had brass hardware, and shopdressonline had gunmetal. Turns out some stores (apparently including shopdressonline) use pictures of prototypes of bags that are sent to them early and that may not be exactly how the bag is going to look when it's mass produced. So I bought a black Logan from SDO thinking it had gunmetal hardware, but when it arrived it had brass hardware. I didn't mind, since it still looks good, but I didn't like that they did that. When things are sold online you should get a product that looks exactly like the picture!

This info is based on a similar discussion on the Botkier board, if you're interested. I'd check with the Treesje folks to be sure, since it looks like sometimes there are exclusives with certain stores.


Jan 18, 2009
Yup, I remember that discussion on the Botkier subforum. Treesje doesn't seem to do hardware in brass, though, or silver for that matter -- only gold and gunmetal, at least based off the past few seasons' worth of bags.

I also seem to recall a discussion specifically about the Dylans, and I believe a black one with gold hardware was in fact produced and sold at Nordies, IIRC. Someone saw the black Dylan with gold hardware in store, and I wondered whether or not it was Timoro instead (since Timoro seems really close to black), but they verified that it was black with gold hardware. IIRC, Nordies got the Green Dylan earlier than everyone else too! (This was at least a couple of months ago, IIRC, and the Green Dylans have only been just released as a Holiday 2009 bag.)

I'd probably email Treesje's CS just to verify, but I think the black Dylan with gold hardware (and the green Dylan that they got earlier than everyone else) was probably a Nordies-only bag (whether it was an exclusive or just an early preview/production run that they got). HTH!