Black Dye Coming Off New Ali - Return?

  1. I've got a bit of a dillema and am not sure what I can do about it, if anything.

    On July 21 I bought a black Ali in a Coach store. I love the bag and have carried it maybe half a dozen times so far, it is still as good as new.

    A few days ago I noticed black marks all over the left shoulder of the white shirt I was wearing. I thought it was odd and that maybe it had come from my seatbelt or something. Another day I noticed I had black marks all over my forearm...strange. Then I remembered the same thing had happened a few days before.

    Finally I realized, it was the dye from my Ali!! I only get the black marks when I am carrying that bag. I've had literally dozens of Coach bags and maybe hundreds of designer bags, and have never had one get dye on me before.

    Does anyone know if I can return this to Coach to the store even though I have used it a few times? This is probably a silly question, but I don't know because I am not usually one to return things. I don't expect a refund, but would like to exchange it for something a little less defective.

    Has this been a problem for any of you? And do you think I'll be able to return it?
  2. Personally, I would find this totally unacceptable. I would bring the shirt and the bag to the nearest Coach store and ask them what can be done. A bag is supposed to be something you love wearing, not something that destroys your clothes. Plus I love white shirts. What if it had been a pale cashmere sweater? No, no, no.
  3. ^^^^ I T A ... I would take it back.
  4. Coach will absolutely take it back. They're really great about their return policy, especially when a bag is defective like this. Take it back, for sure. I'm sorry this happened to you, Ali is an awesome bag! :smile:
  5. I would be furious and totally take it back.
  6. I have never had a black leather Coach transfer color onto my white shirts/sweaters. I carry the Ali and Mandy all the time and its never happened (even when its gotten wet). Have you treated the bag with any type of conditioner or anything?

    If it is the bag, its definitely defective.
  7. WOW!!!! And here I thought the BLACK color was the BEST leather color to buy b/c IT wont show stains....only problem is it's MAKING stains on everything else! GEEZ! PLEASE keep us posted...I would DEFINITELY take it back!!!!! NOW!!!!
  8. what everyone else has stated. You NEED to take it back and exchange it for something better. Its exciting to get a new bag and then you find a defect with it....:tdown: so disappointing. Take her back and get something nice. Keep us updated.
  9. I think part of the problem may be if it isn't the smoother leather like the original Alis. The less smooth it is, the more likely color transfer is to happen.

    But I agree with everyone else that it SHOULDN'T happen, regardless of the leather and it is defective. Definitely take it back.
  10. Kansashalo: I too have had many black (and every other color!) Coach bags and have never experienced any color transfer. I was told by the SA at time of purchase that I shouldn't put anything on the leather, so I have not. Must have gotten a lemon :tdown:
  11. are you serious!? wow, i had no idea! i love the ali! i was going to get it, but i kept pushing it off, but now the ali's are sold out in stores. so i'm looking on eBay nowadays. i love the black ali! i had not idea that the black dye transfers. wow, you should definitely return or exchange it! please keep us posted what happens! i really want to know, good luck!
  12. Oooh, you might be onto something. My Ali is not very smooth in a lot of places, including the underside of the strap. It is hard and bumpy and not as dark a black as the rest of the bag. There are also rough areas under the flap and around the piece where the turnlock is attached. I noticed the rough areas when I bought the bag, but just thought it was supposed to be that way. Besides, I really wanted a black Ali and it was the only one I could find anywhere in my area at the time, so I overlooked the roughness.

    So, I wonder if this is a documented problem? :confused1:
  13. Well, what made me ask that question is because the Ali is the vintage leather that allows you can rub out any scratches (which means that the oil from the leather is what helps to smooth it out). I was thinking that it may be the excess oil. I know sometimes if I wear black leather heels with nude hose, the black color will transfer onto my hose, so who knows.

    But I agree - she probably got a lemon :crybaby:which totally blows.
  14. I would like to know from other Black Ali owners if this has happened? I've never noticed this with mine, and perhaps an isolated occurence. But, YES, I would definately take it back.
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm definitely going to return it. I'm off work tomorrow and Saturday, so will take it either day. I'll let you all know what happens!