Black during the summer.....

  1. So, assuming that I do not get a 'colorful' Bolide before the summer hits...what should I do??? Can I get away with dressing my black Kelly up with pochettes and twillys?
  2. absolutely!!!
  3. i remember seeing a pic of cbk wearing a very light summery dress and carrying a black purse.

  4. Was it her massai?
  5. Rose totally! White pants/skirt, black top, black Kelly - priceless!
  6. Lovely, Rose. I totally agree with HH and Hello. Jeans, white t, white or black flats, black kelly w/twilly. Lovely.
  7. It would look very chic with a white outfit and large pair of black Chanel sunglasses
  8. I do have a pair of those, wear them all year round......
  9. On a trip to Hawaii, a place where I wouldn't think to take a black bag, I saw another vacationer wearing her classic little black Chanel 255 bag and she looked great. I think lightening it up with the scarf/twilly will do the trick for summer.
  10. sorted!
  11. Oh this is a great thread since I'm really considering black birkin, I never even though of a twilly,scarf to lighten her up--Genius!!
  12. love black in the summer! I see your bag with a black cw Tohu Bohu Twilly, white dress and black sandals.:love:
  13. 365 day/5 season weather forecast for Houston, Texas:

    Winter: 12 days
    Spring: 2 days
    Autumn: 2 days
    Summer: 46 days
    Depths of the Inferno: 303 days

    Black worn: all year round. It looks amazing. Doesn't clash with 105 degrees and 100% humidity in any way.

    JMHO, black still looks great in summer/heat.
  14. I don't think any color is specifically for any season, so I think black is just fine during summer! (I wear white all the time, much to the scolding of my mother :biggrin:) But a twilly or a pochette is a lovely way to add some color :smile:
  15. There is no season in which a black Hermes bag is not appropriate......