Black Duchessa Looks Brown...Please HELP!

  1. I purchased a black leather Duchessa in Rome this past summer, and am only getting around to using it now. When I got it out, it looks like it could be dark brown. In some light it looks black, in other light it looks brown. When I hold it up to black, it also looks somewhat brown. Has anyone else noticed this with their bag, or could it be I was given the wrong color? I am freaking out because there are no Gucci retailers in my area and don't see any other threads about this subject. The inside of the purse is yellow, green, and black if that helps.

    Can anyone please give me advice?!?!?!
  2. Does anyone have the black leather Duchessa hobo and can tell me what colors the inside of the bag are? I suspect the black leater has green, yellow, and black, while the dark brown has brown and pink. Can anyone confirm this for me so I can stop having a!
  3. I have the brown one and the inside is brown and pink....and if i remember correctly the black does have the green inside so I think yours is black -- probably just the light. Hope it helps!