Black dots on Vernis

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  1. image.jpeg Hi,

    I need some advises. Black dots started to appear on my Vernis surface. I only wore it less than 8 times. Why is it so? :rolleyes:

    I attached a photo here. :smile:
  2. Hi. Anyone know why? :smile:
  3. I found black dots on one of my nude color patent leather shoes too. I dont know where they are from.. But i wipe them off easily with a medical use alcohol wipe..
  4. Usually, alcohol wipe is not advisable to use. I am afraid to try. Ha! :biggrin:
  5. I had that happen to my RI brea...the dots were in the vernis so I was unable to remove them...
  6. I have a few of those on my patent blue Chanel. I took it to Chanel and they said maybe they were there when I first bought it. NO HELP.
    I think it might be transfer if you wore it against something black. I think that's how mine did it.
  7. I was quite sure the dots weren't there when I bought it. One day, I happened to spot the black dots. :eek: I know Vernis material has such issue. :mad:
  8. Happened also to my Vernis SLGs...very sad. Apparently Vernis is only worth it in dark colours :sad:.
  9. Have you tried to wipe them with wet cloth? I have caught some on my light vernis pieces and managed to get rid of them so far. The sooner you notice them the better chances to wipe them off. I don't know where they come from though. Those spots are teeny tiny and hardly noticeable anyway so I wouldn't worry too much about them.
  10. #10 Jun 18, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016 yes usually you are not supposed to use alcohol on leather goods, but I found this website after Google. The shoes I wiped are a pair patent leather RV flats. I tried a very small area first to make sure alcohol will not damage the leather.