black dots on strap

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  1. Hi,
    I only use it once n i saw a few black dots all over my strap now:shrugs::confused1:

    any solution???

    Pls help my baby :crybaby:
  2. [​IMG]


    this is the stain on the strap that...makes me think its to get rid of it?

    there r plenty of these on the strap.. :sad:

    will baby wipes help?
  3. I don't know but - that doesn't look like mold to me.
  4. baby wipes are good for evening out marks. iv just used them on the zipper pull of my speedy and was horified when it turned it really dark but once it dried it looked good as new
  5. It doesn't look like mould. It looks like an external stain - e.g., grime, some form of liquid solution, etc...

    If you weren't able to wipe it off with a cloth, how about gently using a soft eraser?

    Good luck - I hope you're able to remove (or partially remove) the stain.
  6. baby wipes, then condition it.

    if its dark there where the spots were, you can put a little body oil on a soft cloth(rub it into the cloth first) then slid it over the strap to help darken it.. let it dry a few days and it will be fine..

    I've dont this with a pochette strap that eve never used and the bag was used all the time .. it worked great.
  7. which brand baby wipes works best?